Navigational Assistance

Through Major Life Changes

“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”  W.C. Fields

My name is Roger Oney, but the calling to which I answer is helping people who are going through big life changes find an easier way, the wu wei, to their desired destination.

Whether we meet one time, or once a week for a year, my work is the same – to guide you forward leveraging the best blend of my abilities and training. To be fully present, as a compassionate witness to your very personal, profound, and unique situation. And to reflect back to you all of that which I sense your inner being say, feel, and show.

Whether you feel it right now or not, you really are a force of nature. Nature knows best. Let’s discover where the path of wu wei can take you next.

Find your wu wei

Navigate Change

Break Old Habits & Loops

allow abundance to flow

Crisis or Opportunity?

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or simply unclear about next steps? I can help get you moving again. Clear about your goals? Even better! I can help you reach them with greater ease.

Career Change

Making a change? Exploring options? Get clear and overcome resistance to ensure your work matches your values.

Mini You

Downsizing, minimizing, or simplifying? Sometimes you gotta dig deep to find what’s getting in the way.

Break Free

Are you considering big lifestyle changes? Let’s design an actionable plan that helps you reach escape velocity.

Death & Dying

Don’t let unprocessed grief or fear hold you back. Learn more about the Grief Recovery Method and the death-positive movement.

Education & Influences

Spring Forest Qigong, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, The Grief Recovery Institute, Integrative Chakra Therapy®, Holographic Memory Resolution®, Reiki Master Teacher

“Roger approaches his clients with a great deal of respect, sensitivity and calmness, and is very careful to ensure everyone is comfortable with how he delivers his message. I haven’t had a session with him where I didn’t gain new insights into myself or walk away without easy to apply practices that help me clear my mind, find more peace, and generally be more happy.”

“I’ll just say I was blown away with how I felt after my session with Roger. I truly believe that if you come into the session with an open mind and heart, Roger will be able to help you and shed some light on your current situation. He was really able to interpret my energy in a way I’ve never experienced.”

“Roger is extremely grounded, insightful, intuitive, constructive, and positive. Furthermore, my experience during the session was far more tangible than any other energy work I had experienced prior.”

Waiting for Things to Change Is Not a Solution

The idea that time heals all wounds is a myth. Healing, growth, and wayfinding take action. My bet is that deep down, a part of you knows this.

Why do you resist taking action steps forward? That’s the million dollar question. The unknown of it all has an almost primal fear element attached to it. As a result, maybe you’re telling yourself pretty little lies about how good things are, or how much worse they could be. And you wait.

Life, however, is about movement and growth. It’s about flow.

There is no standing still. Standing still is falling back.

So how will you move forward? With ease and grace? Or with resistance and discomfort?

Let’s talk to see how you can Find Your Wu Wei through life’s hall of mirrors!